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At AliCare, we value the role of our dedicated providers and seek to make your participation in our networks as seamless and efficient as possible. You are an integral part of our commitment to our clients and our members.

Current Providers

As part of our current network of healthcare providers (facility, group or physician), you may quickly view your claims status and information via the web once you have registered.

To enhance our services to you and to facilitate easy access to provider claims, our new web provider portal is up and running at http://providers.aligroups.com.

To register for our new provider portal:

                  Call:    1-866-995-9011
                  Email:  providerwebinquiry@aligroups.com

Join Our Provider Network

If you are not yet a member of our provider network and you would like to join, please call provider relations at 914-367-5365 for information.